Demonstration: Tracking Malware Campaigns and Domains Using MalNet

MalNet brings together the industry's most up to date and extensive threat information from Proofpoint with Maltego link analysis capabilities from ShadowDragon. MalNet enables threat analysts and researchers to identify and visualize malware connections in just minutes to expedite investigations and response.

In this short 4 minute video we will demonstrate how MalNet enables analysts to track malware campaigns and domains using malnet. By starting with just an malware artifact, we'll show you how you can identify new domains, ip addresses and additional malware all related to this original artifact.

Technical Audiances

In this example we start off with the hash 7e537c106d370c7622a4d80b4830896f, mapping related domain names, ip addresses, related malware families, correllated campaign periods, related intrusion detection signatures and ip reputation information.

About the Transforms

MalNet transforms can be purchased through ShadowDragon, enabling users access to visualize ProofPoint Malware Threat intelligence data.

In addition to commercial purchases, Government (GSA) procurement is offered.

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