ShadowDragon and DeliverFund Partner to Catch Human Traffickers

PRESS RELEASE Cheyenne, Wyoming – December 15, 2016 -- ShadowDragon, a company that develops specialized digital investigations technology, and DeliverFund, a nonprofit dedicated to disrupting sex trafficking markets are actively partnering to track criminals and free victims. Human sex trafficking is a real and ugly crime in the U.S. with networks present in every state, and exploiting an estimated 100,000 minors each year, per the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. DeliverFund is reducing this number by combining uniquely qualified personnel with today’s best technologies – like those offered by ShadowDragon -- and then leveraging them in new

The Cyber Crime Chronicles: The Cyber Criminal

In our third of several articles on the main combatants most of us in the threat intelligence and information security world deal with, we’re going to profile the cyber-criminal. Perhaps the most nefarious, these attackers are driven almost exclusively by financial gain. These criminals typically target personal and corporate systems, and range in skill from Nigerian 419 phishers, to authors of advanced ransomware, software that takes over a computer and requires a ransom to be paid before the computer is unlocked. The attacks these criminals use range from blackmail (think the Ashley Madison hacks) to ransomware to phishing and