Tracking GozNym Campaigns with MalNet

In 2007, Don Jackson while at SecureWorks had written about the Gozi Trojan, sharing details on the modularization and monetization strategies utilized by this family of malware. More recently, (04/04/16) Limor Kessem from IBM had also provided some interesting background on Gozi and Nymaim . Correlating the different indicators and samples, we had been able to observe different recent campaigns had started on the 14th, of April with the following campaign dates of interest: 2016-04-04 (The outlier in our samples appears to be 04/04/16) 2016-04-14 2016-04-15 2016-04-16 2016-04-17 2016-04-18 2016-04-19 Looking at the sample submission dates and