Artifacts, Speculation and Compromised Secrets at the Democratic National Committee and more...

Six different artifacts had been discovered with our MalNet Maltego transforms (connected to @Proofpoint Data), showing a possible six other compromises and or artifacts related to DNC networks. The buzz of cyber compromise has been booming since the AP released some interesting points on the Hillary Clinton email compromise. This was followed up by Brian Krebs on May 16th, 2016 noting less than average internet security practices by the Clinton foundation. We looked into some of the issues noted and discovered a few interesting data points relating to this compromise described in the screenshot below. To make cyber matters worse,

MalNet Maltego Transforms with ProofPoint Data

MalNet accesses the Proofpoint ET Intelligenceā„¢ comprehensive database that contains current and historical malicious IP addresses and domains. In this blog post we share screenshots of Maltego 4 and a quick youtube video. In this example, we cover 15 domains related to GozNym campaigns that operated in the month of April, 2016. MalNet with GozNym In the examples below, within the screenshots provided we cover malware associated with the domains and, identifying related malware, IP addresses, associated domains and IDS signatures related to traffic generated by malware. Starting with a Hash Get DNS Lookups Acquire Related

ShadowDragon Screenshots with Maltego M4 Release

The latest version of Maltego "M4" from Paterva, was released earlier this morning. Being the first commercial transform providers since Maltego had been launched, we had been playing with this for a few weeks. We have enjoyed every minute of testing our transforms, looking at larger datasets and the like. Below are a few screenshots of our flagship product SocialNet, integrated with the new Maltego M4 release. If you haven't seen the video from Maltego, please go check it out now. Email Correlations Acquiring Deeper Information Mapping Deeper Relationships Identifying Core Locations Visualizing Deeper Connections Contact the staff at ShadowDragon

OSINT Process, SocialNet and Breaking Bad Case Files

On the eve of Paterva releasing the long awaited Maltego 4 M4, ShadowDragon has released a variety of fun case files and screenshots used in mapping out the infamous Breaking Bad conspiracies of old. Our first artifact, begins with the email address rumored to be used by Jesse Pinkman, pivoting on one to one correlations between his favorite social media provider and others, we find his wish list, and a few friend connections. The second perspective in the requests for Mr. Pinkerman's friends and associates shows some interesting characters. Skinny Pete, Brandon "Badger" Mayhew and an associate by the name