OSINT Methods To Investigate Suspected AI Generated Content

The proliferation of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) is just beginning. Recent years have
seen online accounts, run by bots, create fake news articles, divisive social media posts, fraudulent
product reviews, and more. As mainstream access to AI tools spreads, the opportunities to use the
technology for malicious purposes are on the rise.

Nico Dekens, a renowned open source intelligence professional, has noticed recurring patterns in
content created using artificial intelligence. He demonstrates how he has used OSINT tools and even
basic search engines to locate and identify online accounts that appear to be using autogenerated
website content, social media posts, reviews, and hate speech.

Investigative approaches and techniques are covered, including a list of string text that can be easily
searched to locate these types of accounts. There is also a detailed example for generating high-quality
deep fake photos using Midjourney.

The author takes an ethical stance on the use of artificial intelligence and advocates for validating online
content using OSINT investigative methodology. This paper provides an investigative study for
identifying AI-generated content.


Nico Dekens

Nico Dekens

Director of Intelligence and Innovation Collection, ShadowDragon
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