Kaseware Integrates ShadowDragon’s SocialNet Forensics Tool into Case Management Investigative Platform

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With more than 3.1 billion people across the globe actively using Social Media, it is no surprise that criminals utilize it and can be tracked down on it by effective use of the forensic threads that cybercriminals leave on these internet sites. However, it can be hard for investigative professionals and law enforcement to keep up with activity and harder for cyber investigators to use the information they uncover through Social Media investigations effectively.

Kaseware, the leader in investigative case management solutions, and ShadowDragon, a U.S.-based cyber attribution intelligence and investigative solutions company, have partnered to change that scenario by offering ShadowDragon’s SocialNet solution on the Kaseware investigative case management system. This will make the forensic threats cyber investigators find on Social Media actionable by allowing them to easily identify the people or groups around the forensic clue for context and for evidence.

Accessing the ShadowDragon SocialNet offering, Kaseware clients will be able to more easily uncover identities, correlations, networks of associates, and available geographical information in just minutes. This creates an invaluable tool for both cyber and physical criminal investigations while also aiding in attribution intelligence and complex investigations.

“There are more than 4 billion people using the internet today, and 3.1 of those users are active on Social Media sites,” said Daniel Clemens, founder and chief innovation officer of ShadowDragon. “We are leading the coverage of social media sites. This coupled with the direct investigative methodology we have put forth has become a force magnifier for investigators. We have a saying, ‘Bad guys order pizza too…and they have a social life.’ SocialNet helps us uncover the clues. Pushing this into Kaseware enables extra capabilities for business-to-business intelligence sharing and more.

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Kaseware and SocialNet together is beautiful. Kaseware gives investigators the tools needed for effective investigative, evidence, and incident management and analytics.



“Kaseware and SocialNet together is beautiful. Kaseware gives investigators the tools needed for effective investigative, evidence, and incident management and analytics,” Clemens continued. “We are excited the company has decided to include our SocialNet solution to expand their offerings to the people who are working hard every day to fight complex investigations.”

Together, Kaseware and ShadowDragon enable law enforcement agencies to ramp up their Social Media insight and investigations cost effectively. Through SocialNet, Kaseware clients will be able to operationalize digital intelligence by bringing attribution one step closer for Kaseware users by allowing them to more easily uncover identities, emails and aliases, and online bread crumbs associated with investigations into:


  • Corporate Espionage
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Phishing
  • IOC
  • Incident Response
  • Insider Threats
  • Data Breaches
  • Complex Investigations

“When we observed the capabilities of the ShadowDragon investigative tools, we immediately pursued the relationship to bring enhanced capabilities into our platform. It just made sense,” Dorian Deligeorges founder and CEO of Kaseware. “Much like us, Daniel and his ShadowDragon team of professionals offer solutions that work for the user, not the other way around. Bringing that similarity of culture into our SaaS offering makes perfect sense, particularly when you recognize how much crime takes place on the internet and how Social Media platforms are manipulated in the commission of those crimes.

“Adding SocialNet to our suite of cutting-edge incident, case management, and integrated analytics technology, will – we hope – help the larger investigative communities to not only solve cybercrimes more easily, but also support prosecutors in their efforts to convict these criminals,” Deligeorges concluded.

The companies will be exhibiting at the Crimes Against Children Conference (CAC) in Dallas from August 13-16. CAC is designed to provide training to those employed by government or nonprofit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, child protective services, social work, children’s advocacy, and others who work directly with child victims of crime. Visit Kaseware at Booth 85 and ShadowDragon at Booth 67.

For more information contact@shadowdragon.io.


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Daniel Clemens

Daniel Clemens

Daniel Clemens is the founder and CEO of both ShadowDragon and Packet Ninjas, a niche cybersecurity consulting and services company.

With extensive experience in defensive and offensive security, Daniel has been a quiet trailblazer in digital intel-gathering long before cyber intelligence became a discipline. More than a decade ago he was inventing and applying his own intelligence tools in support of companies and governments around the world facing urgent threats. Using this deep understanding of web technologies and the behaviors of cybercriminals, he has enhanced, updated and packaged these tools under ShadowDragon.

Daniel is a member of the Odonata Holdings, Inc.
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