Sportradar Case Study: Deep Background Checks, Organizational Integrity, and Fraud Investigations

Investigating integrity and criminality in commerce is a daunting task that requires access to vast amounts of information and complex organizational analysis. The scale rises considerably when investigations are international in scope. 

Learn how Sportradar, a global sports technology company, utilizes SocialNet™ from ShadowDragon® to investigate interpersonal connections in the world of competitive and professional sports. Big money is at stake as they help to maintain the reputations of some of the world’s best-known sports leagues including the NBA, NHL, FIFA, UEFA, and IOC. 

SocialNet is used by Fortune 50 companies and hundreds of clients worldwide for use in law enforcement, government, military intelligence, and corporate security. Learn how one company utilizes ShadowDragon products to improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness in corporate anti-corruption investigations. 




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